·      Aurai- “Turn This Around” ft. CASHFORGOLD

·      Jackal- “Ice” ft. Karra

·      Avenged Sevenfold- “Scream”

·      Future- “Stick Talk”

·      Future- “F*ck up some commas”

·      Gucci Mane- “Money Machine” ft. Rick Ross

·      Wiz Khalifa- “Real Rich” ft. Gucci Mane

·      Hinder- “Get Stoned”

·      Wiz Khalifa & Snoop Dogg “Smokin On” ft. Juicy J

·      TroyBoi- “Afterhours” ft. Diplo and Nina Sky

·      Autograf- “Deadsoon” ft Lils and Bonsai Mammal

·      Kehlani- “Gangsta”

·      Rihanna- “Skin”

·      Koven and Crystal Skies- “You, Me, and Gravity”

·      Rasheeda- “You Can Get It”

·      TroyBoi- “On My Own” ft. Nefera

·      Three Days Grace- “Never Too Late”

·      Apocalyptica- “I’m not Jesus” ft. Corey Taylor

·      Apocalyptica- “Nothing Else Matters”

·      Migos- “Boss Don’t Speak”

·      Hippie Sabotage- “Oh No No No”

·      Calli Boom- “Revenge”


This is the playlist I would listen to when I needed ideas for the DE series. I would listen to these songs while working out outlines or planning backstories. This playlist encompasses all the books of the series. I feel like every book reflects these songs, in the sense that I drafted the stories while listening to these songs. I hope you enjoy!